The Opportunity

National Christian Foundation is giving away a former prep school campus in the pastoral town of Northfield, Massachusetts. We invite you to browse the website, view the pictures, and imagine what it might look like for your organization to pursue your mission on the campus. The pictures are beautiful but nothing can substitute for a personal visit to give you a sense of the rich spiritual and educational heritage of the Northfield Campus.

Large Christian ministries, schools, seminaries and think tanks will most likely be the best potential recipients. However, NCF will also consider dividing up the space among several, smaller ministries.

(Recipient’s mission must honor the legacy of D.L. Moody)

The National Christian Foundation Heartland

At the National Christian Foundation, we help generous Christians give more than they ever thought possible to the charities they love. Generosity is not a matter of amount of dollars given, but the heart behind the gift. Therefore, everyone can be a generous giver, and NCF provides the tools to make that possible.

Since its launch, givers have used NCF to send more than $5 billion in grants to thousands of churches, ministries and non-profits. Over 200 charitable giving experts make up the NCF team around the country.

Our vision: To mobilize an unprecedented abundance of Kingdom resources to accomplish every good work.

The Northfield campus is under the supervision of our Kansas City affiliate, National Christian Foundation Heartland (NCFH). Established in 2001, our Heartland office works with families, individuals and financial advisors, sharing a message of Biblical generosity and charitable giving.

We’ve also created several other organizations to respond to needs we saw in the Christian community.

  •, a fundraising software and online marketing solutions for nonprofits, allows these organizations to better receive gifts of all kinds (cash, text, credit card and noncash gifts).
  • FamilyArc, a private social network designed for families, empowers relatives to tell and preserve their stories, define values and build a legacy for future generations.

The NCF Team

Emmitt Mitchell

Founding Member, Board of Directors

As a founding member of its Board of Directors, Emmitt has been a key part of NCF Heartland from the start. With significant experience in banking, real estate and the automobile industry, plus a variety of nonprofit and civic engagements, Emmitt lends his business expertise to many of NCF's initiatives aimed at building a culture of generosity.

William High

Chief Executive Officer

Since the office opened its doors in 2001, Bill has helped lead NCF Heartland. A litigator at heart and champion of charitable giving, he loves the generosity movement and has devoted his life to growing it.

History of the Campus

The 19th-century evangelist Dwight L. Moody established the Northfield Mount Herman School in Massachusetts’ scenic Pioneer Valley. Originally founded as two institutions (Northfield Seminary for Young Ladies in 1879 and Mount Hermon School for Boys in 1881), the schools aimed to educate young people who had limited access to education because of their financial status. Moody hoped to create generations of committed Christians who would continue his evangelical efforts.

After Moody's death in 1899, his eldest son, William, continued his father's work at the schools. The younger Moody pushed for consolidation of the two schools into a single corporation called the Northfield Schools. However, it was not until 1971 that Northfield and Mount Hermon became a single coeducational school.

The school consolidated to the Mount Hermon campus in September 2005, and the Northfield campus was sold in 2009 to Hobby Lobby, a national chain of over 500 arts and crafts stores. Hobby Lobby acquired Northfield with a view toward gifting the campus to a worthy Christian institution. At the end of 2012, Hobby Lobby transferred ownership of the campus to the National Christian Foundation, which will gift the campus to an institution that honors the legacy of D.L. Moody.

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The Location

Buildings & Campus

Northfield Campus contains 40 primary buildings and 500,000 square feet, including

  • Eight dormitories, accommodating 435 students and 38 faculty
  • Seven academic buildings with capacity for over 500 students
  • Administration building with 24 offices

And the Campus features

  • The historic “Moody Auditorium” seating 2200 and the home of Moody’s famous revivals
  • Meany Gymnasium with 75-foot swimming pool
  • Dolben Library with Capacity for 40,000 volumes
  • Sage Chapel, seating 700 worshipers
  • Olivia Music Hall, poised for lectures and recitals
  • Bolger Arts Center, perfect for fine arts exhibitions

For an interactive map, click here (not mobile friendly).

Are We a Fit?

Stewardship of a campus with the vast resources and rich history of Northfield requires leadership and business acumen, a reputation beyond reproach and demonstrated capabilities to sustain a large-scale operation over time. NCFH’s selection process will be ongoing, with each individual applicant being carefully vetted for final selection. Special consideration will be given to organizations that have at the center of their mission advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Financial Requirements

Your proposal should include demonstrated ability to maintain a $5 to 10 million dollar annual budget. Specifically, you will need to submit:

  • Prior two (2) years' tax returns.
  • Prior two (2) years' operating statements and annual reports.
  • Prior two (2) years' balance sheets.
  • Current year-to-date operating statement against budgeted forecast.
  • First-year pro forma forecast of operating statement including Northfield Campus.
  • Ramp-up plan.
  • Second- and third-year operating forecast including Northfield Campus. Expected break-even date.

Colleges and other educational applicants may also need to obtain accreditation from the State of Massachusetts. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Masshachusetts Board of Higher Education can provide additional information.

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